A. by BOM

Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser


    100ML (44,95€ / 100ML)


    Makeup-removing balm that gently cleanses off even the most stubborn makeup.

    Removing your makeup like this is really a pleasure, and such a luxurious experience! This makeup-removing balm melts when it touches your skin, turning into a sumptuous oil. Not only does it remove the most stubborn makeup, its properties improve the first step of your skin care routine. It contains camellia oil, chia seed extract and the incredible eoseongcho, a vegetable also known as houttuynia cordata that's excellent to unclog pores.

    Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Polyethylene, PEG-10 Isostearate, C13-15 Alkane,
    Scoop out a small amount of balm with your fingers and apply directly to your face, massaging it in and paying special attention to your eyes and lips. Continue to the second step of the double cleanse.
    It's a really effective product, but... have you noticed its packaging? It's beautiful! And thanks to the power of aromatherapy, these masks by A. by BOM will make your masking moment" even more special and enjoyable."
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