Master Patch Clear Fit


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The thinner and more flexible version of the famous spot patches by Cosrx is now available at MiiN Cosmetics!

This might be the most-requested product by our customers of all time! Don't worry, you can finally get the famous pimple patches by Cosrx at MiiN! But what makes these patches so special? Why are they so popular? Why is it that our K-Beauty-loving followers have been requesting them for so long? Let us tell you. Cosrx created this product years ago and completely shook up the world of Korean cosmetics. We were waiting for them to perfect their formula — now that they have, all of you that break out often can finally enjoy this effective spot treatment!

These transparent and waterproof patches stick to the skin and completely cover the pimple. Not only does it treat the pimple; it also soothes and regenerates the area, healing any possible dark spots left by the pimples. The secret is in the composition of the patches, as hydrocolloids help regulate excess sebum and balance the pH levels of the area for the pimple to vanish as fast as possible. They'll absorb all the oil and dirt from your pimple! Another advantage of these patches? They stop you from touching your pimples all the time, so it prevents you from introducing new bacteria into them, which could make them become infected and take longer to disappear. These patches are one of the most popular products by Cosrx, and we're not surprised! It's one the quickest, most comfortable and most effective localised spot treatments you'll ever try. How are they different from the Master Patch Original Fit patches? They're both transparent, but these are thinner and more flexible, so they're harder to notice and an excellent option if you want to apply makeup on top. They're virtually invisible!

If you're looking for patches with a slightly more intensive treatment that you can apply in the evening or when you're going to be wearing makeup, check these out. Do you prefer spot treatments in cream format? Check this one out, also from Cosrx.

Cellulose Gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polyisobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane
Apply the patches to clean and dry skin. Gently press the patch onto the pimple. It will stick like a charm! Then you can move on to the next steps of your routine — you simply need to be a little bit careful not to remove the patch. These are very thin and extremely flexible — plus, they're transparent, so they're perfect if you want to apply makeup on top. You can use them both during the day or overnight, whenever you have a stubborn pimple.
This is the first product of the kind available at our store, because we wanted to bring you the very best! Well — here they are!
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