Telecommuting Agreement Template: SHRM`s Model for Remote Work Policies

With more and more employees working remotely due to the pandemic, companies are looking for clear guidelines on how to manage telecommuting arrangements. A telecommuting agreement can help define expectations and responsibilities for remote work, covering issues such as work hours, data security, and equipment usage. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides a template for a telecommuting agreement that can be customized to fit your organization`s needs.

The SHRM Telecommuting Agreement Template is designed to be a comprehensive document covering all the key aspects of remote work. The agreement starts with a definition of telecommuting and sets out the general terms and conditions of the arrangement. This includes a statement that telecommuting is a privilege, not a right, and that the company reserves the right to terminate the arrangement at any time.

The telecommuting agreement also includes provisions on work hours, which should be agreed upon in advance. This could include a set schedule or flexible hours, depending on the nature of the job. The agreement also covers how work will be evaluated and how the employee will be held accountable for meeting performance standards.

Another key aspect of the telecommuting agreement is data security. The document outlines the employee`s responsibility for keeping company information confidential and secure, and provides guidelines on how to do so. This could include using a secure network, using encryption software, and keeping passwords private.

The SHRM Telecommuting Agreement Template also addresses equipment usage, such as providing guidelines on what equipment the employer will provide and what the employee is responsible for supplying. It also includes provisions for how equipment should be maintained and repaired.

Finally, the agreement includes a section on communication, which is vital for remote workers to stay connected with their team. This could include regular check-ins with the manager, using video conferencing for team meetings, and using instant messaging tools for quick questions or updates.

Overall, the SHRM Telecommuting Agreement Template is a comprehensive and customizable document that can help employers set clear guidelines for remote work arrangements. It covers all the key aspects of telecommuting, from work hours to data security, and provides a framework for communication and accountability. By using this template, employers can ensure that their remote work policies are clear, fair, and effective.