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Advent Calendar 2022




The 2022 MiiN Advent Calendar: 24 Self-Care Moments by MiiN. A Korean cosmetics Advent Calendar worth over €260, with 24 surprise products and accessories—many of which have not been launched yet—to take care of yourself both inside and out. Say farewell to the year in style… Get yours while it lasts!

The new MiiN 2022 Advent Calendar is finally here! Our Korean skincare Advent Calendar is back, now better than ever: it contains 24 self-care moments by MiiN. We want you to pamper yourself inside and out, so you can end the new year feeling amazing. 2023, get ready, because here we come!

In it, you'll find 24 Korean skincare surprises, some of them have not been launched yet, others are bestsellers, while others simply never fail at making you smile! That's what this Calendar is all about: it's a daily reminder that your skin is unique, just like the gem under it ♡

This year, we wanted to add some exclusive Korean accessories to your MiiN Advent Calendar for you to get the best out of your routine. Oh, and most of the products are full size! Serums, masks, moisturisers, hair products, one of our best-selling cleansers in full size and this summer's hit sunscreen… This Calendar is packed with products that are key to a Korean facial routine, and that you're definitely going to love. It also makes the perfect gift for any skincare enthusiast.

Discover our selection of 24 surprises from 15 different brands, and try a new product or tool every day. Get ready to boost your self-confidence, relax and know your worth day after day. Sounds good, right? Get yours before they sell out!

The best way to enjoy these 24 self-care moments by MiiN is to stick to opening only one box a day and enjoying the surprises throughout the month. If you'd rather not know what wonders await inside your Calendar, stop reading now! From December 1 on, join the fun on our Instagram profile @miincosmetics, on TikTok and on our official Advent Calendar page.

...We know how eager everyone is to know what products they'll find in this year's MiiN Advent Calendar, so we've included the full list below. Keep in mind that we've altered the order of the products, just to keep some of the magic alive.

Click on each product to see its ingredients — you'll find the full list in the information tab.
A new surprise every day. From December 1 to 24, get ready to open each day's box. Soon, all the information on the products, how to apply them properly and much more will be available on the 24 Self-Care Moments by MiiN page on our website. We can't wait!
Everyone talks about how important self care is, and how you should pamper yourself and feel good in your skin… but do you actually make time for this every day? We're really excited for the MiiN 2022 Advent Calendar, because it's a daily reminder that you and your skin deserve the very best — plus it will allow you to discover an incredible selection of Korean cosmetics. It makes the perfect gift (or self-care gift) and will always bring a smile to your (or your loved one's) face.
This Advent Calendar includes tools and other cool products that will help you fine-tune your Korean routine. But, hey, we're not going to reveal all the surprises just yet (unless you read the entire information tab, that is)!