Vitamin Duo Kit

  • Vitamin duo kit
  • Vitamin duo kit

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Pack with the famous Klairs vitamin C serum and a mini vitamin E sleeping pack.

Two of your favourite products by Klairs, which sell out inmediately every single time. Our mission is to offer you the best for your skin, so we are bringing you another way of enjoying the most famous vitamin C serum and vitamin E mask in Korea. This serum has 5% of pure vitamin C, which revitalises your complexion and has a rejuvenating effect. Excellent for healthy and illuminated skin, this product is suitable for all skin types and ages and we know you love it. With the sleeping pack, in just one night you'll regain the elasticity and brightness lost during a whole week. Its secret: a super high percentage of vitamin E that keeps skin more hydrated, youthful-looking, smooth and luminous. The texture, upon coming into contact with your skin, almost turns into an oil, keeping your skin hydrated for a full 8 hours and promoting cellular regeneration and oxygenation.