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Gua Sha: quartz.
Roller: aluminum, quartz.

General information

Gua Sha and quartz massage roller set. A perfect gift that will turn any beauty routine into a true spa experience.


To help you fully enjoy your self-care routine, we’ve brought you a set that will turn your “me time” into a spa-worthy experience. Because you deserve it. This beautiful set it contains a rose quartz Gua Sha and massager roller, designed to give you a relaxing massage that will improve your skin and transport you to the top spas in Seoul.
Did you know that the Mayan, Egyptian and Chinese cultures have been using semi-precious stones to treat the skin for hundreds of years? We chose rose quartz because this stone is known for its relaxing properties, and because its cold touch is ideal for decongesting the face and leaving skin radiant. Massaging the skin with this stone promotes lymphatic drainage, as the Gua Sha and roller press on points of the lymphatic system to help excess fluids to flow.
If you sometimes wake up to a puffy face, you'll love this set. It also improves blood circulation, helping nutrients reach the face, and it relaxes the muscles in the face, which tend to accumulate tension.
Lastly, these massages improve the absorption of our beauty products and the active ingredients they contain, leaving the skin looking firmer, and more hydrated and luminous. Gua Sha is ideal for treating sagging in the neck, jaw and the the wider areas of the face; the quartz roller can be used to massage the forehead, cheek, and eye areas. Read on to learn how to use them and enjoy a spa-worthy treatment at home

How to use

Gua Sha:
- Remember to keep your Gua Sha in the fridge: the colder it is, the better it will depuff your face. - Apply your favourite serum or cream.
- Tone your neck by sliding the flat part (1) of the Gua Sha in upward motions.
- Now slide it along your jawline, from the center to the edges of the face, all the way to your ears.
- Then, slide it gently from your cheeks to your temples.
- With the curved side (2), slide it over your forehead in upward motions.
- Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Done!

- You should also keep your quartz roller in the fridge – its cold touch will revitalise your skin.
- Apply your serum, cream or even your favourite sheet mask.
- Slide the large roller (3) over your neck in upward motions.
- Slide it along your jawline, from the center to the edges of the face, all the way to your ears.
- Also in upward motions, slide it over your forehead, from the brow upwards.
- Next, slide it very gently over closed eyes, towards your temples.
- Take the small roller (4) and slide it from the corner of your eye to your temple to decongest the area, which is delicate and likely to have under-eye bags.
- Enjoy the relaxation of receiving a professional massage!

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