Gel Nails


14 GR (€105.93 / 100GR)

Color: Queen

Nail polish stickers for a perfect semi-permanent at-home Korean manicure.

Be warned: Ohora's Korean manicure is going to transform how you do your nails. It's the most convenient and easy-to-do DIY manicure we've ever tried, and it's super gentle on your nails. These gel nail wraps are also very easy to remove, so you won't need to follow any complicated steps or use professional nail tools.

You won't need to sit around waiting for your nail polish stickers to dry: in just 10-15 minutes, these amazing gel nail wraps will ensure your manicure is as good as new for two weeks, without damaging your natural nails. You can cure them a little with a UV lamp to finish them off if you want them to feel a little harder, but your Ohora will be nice and strong even if you don't use one.

Each Ohora pack contains everything you need for a perfect application: a small file, a manicure stick, prep pads and, of course, a set of nail wraps with unique colours and designs. Each sheet contains a set of semi-cured nail polish stickers, which are super flexible, so they'll adapt to the shape of your nails, without cracking or lifting. The key is that these aren't just stickers — they're actually the famous "nail wraps", which are an absolute hit in Korea. They're made out of semi-cured gel and the result is on a par with that of a professional manicure. Once you're done applying them and adjusting them to your nails, your manicure will look fresh and professional, and will attract all eyes. Each pack contains 30 nail polish wraps, which are enough for one or two full manicures, depending on the sizes you use.
>br> Make sure you look at the ""How to use"" tab for a step-by-step guide on how to apply your Ohora, but if you're one of those people who struggle painting their nails, if you have shaky hands or simply aren't the best at DIY... you're going to love Ohora. If you ever felt that getting your nails done at a salon damages them, these are what you've been looking for.
>br> Choose the design that best suits your style! Our selection includes everything from classic bright red to extravagant designs, as well as nude tones or striking seasonal options.

Here are some ideas: Are you looking for a delicate, elegant, subtle and natural-looking manicure? Check out Gel Nail Milk Rose. Do you feel like a Queen? Gel Nail Queen is exactly what you need. Are you into extravagant fantasy designs? You're going to love Gel Nail Goblin Moon. Is red your colour? Gel Nail Addict are the ones for you.

How to apply the nail wraps: 1) Choose your favourite design (this is definitely the hardest part!).

2) Prepare your nails. The pack contains two pads to prepare your nails for the application of your Ohora nail polish wraps. Gently smooth the wrap onto your nail. One strip is enough to do both your hands!

3) Choose the right size for each finger. To do so, all you need to do is select the wrap size that best fits your nails (each sheet contains up to 8 nail polish wraps in different sizes). Select the gel nail wrap that best fits the width of each of your nails. They're flexible, which means that you can clip, stretch and file them easily for them to perfectly adapt to your nails, without any excess.

4) It's time: peel off your chosen nail polish sticker. Apply the wrap to your nail, starting from the cuticle (but without touching it). Gently press with the help of the manicure stick and smooth it if necessary.

5) Now that you've applied it, cut any excess strip until it is close to the tip of your real nail. Fold the excess wrap over your nail and carefully file it until it's exactly the same length.

6) Your manicure is done and as good as new for two weeks! You're all set, but if you like your nails to feel extra hard, we recommend you cure them under a UV lamp for a minute.

How to remove them: Use the manicure stick to carefully lift the nail wraps by gently pressing the sides of your nails. If you're not able to remove the nail wrap, apply a small amount of nail polish remover for the sticker to dissolve faster Remember: this manicure is suitable for healthy nails. If your nails are damaged, very sensitive or irritated, make sure you consult a specialist.
These incredible nail polish stickers from Ohora are full of advantages.

They last over two weeks—just like a professional manicure—, they're gentle on the nails, they can be applied and removed easily at home... and their colours and designs are simply beautiful. Choose the most flashy designs to attract all eyes!

The fact that you don't necessarily need a UV lamp to curate them is extremely convenient.