Rose Ceramide Cream


50 ML (€74.30 / 100ML)



Vegan face cream with rose extract for dry or dehydrated skin.

Unlike regular creams, its main ingredient is Damask rose water. It's fast-absorbing and has a pleasant velvety finish, and is perfect for normal, dry and dehydrated skins that are also looking for anti-aging care. From the very first application, you'll feel the moisturising power of rose water, dog rose and Damask rose oils. Thanks to its high concentration of ceramides, it will keep the moisture levels of your skin balanced and lock moisture in the skin for longer. Your skin will be soft, firm and beautiful!

**Rosa DamascenaFlower Water(33%), Aqua, Caprylic/CapricTriglyceride, GlycerylStearateSE, Glycerin, Betaine, Macadamia IntegrifoliaSeed Oil, CetearylAlcohol, ButyrospermumParkii(Shea) Butter, ChamaecyparisObtusaLeaf Extract, Rosa RugosaLeaf Extract, Melissa OfficinalisLeaf Extract,SaccharomycesFerment Filtrate, CryptomeriaJaponica Leaf Extract, NelumboNuciferaLeaf Extract, ImperataCylindricaRoot Extract, Bacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, CetylAlcohol, **Helianthus Annuus(Sunflower) Seed Oil, **SimmondsiaChinensis(Jojoba) Seed Oil, CeramideNP(1500ppm), Rosa CaninaFruit Oil, Rosa DamascenaFlower Oil(20mg), *Parfum(Fragrance), *Geraniol **Organic ingredient *From natural essential oils CeramideNP: ECOCERT certified natural ingredient
Apply enough cream to treat your face, neck and decolletage. Massage gently in upward motions until fully absorbed. Let dry for one minute before moving on to the next step of your routine.
All products by Urang are free of mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.
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