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Libro MiiN: Aprende a cuidar tu piel. Secretos y rutinas de las expertas de MiiN


This is the second book by MiiN. This book about Korean cosmetics is perfect to delve into the world of skincare. In it, our experts from MiiN explain in simple terms how our skin works and the effects of the different cosmetic products, in order to answer the most common doubts and misconceptions about skin care and skincare routines.

We're so excited to release our second book that we don't even know where to start! In our first book, we cover the basics of the Korean routine and our business's origin story — it's a great tool to introduce yourself into the amazing world of MiiN Cosmetics. But in our second MiiN book, we go into more detail :)

"Aprende a cuidar tu piel. Secretos y rutinas de las expertas en MiiN" is a comprehensive guide that explains in simplified terms how your skin works, the effect of cosmetics on it and how to make the most of your routine, from a more technical point of view. It's a book that delves into all these concepts in a concise yet fun way to help you understand and learn how to take care of your skin.

We're sure you're going to find it super useful and interesting, because our MiiN experts answer the questions we get asked most frequently: How do you read a product's label? Why can't certain ingredients be combined? How on earth do you use a gua sha? Why do I have pigmentation issues? How do I prevent acne breakouts? Should I adapt my skincare routine to each season?... And these are just a few!

You'll also find a glossary with the most common ingredients, tips on how to spot them on labels and a summary of their main functions. In this book, we also look into the differences between Korean and European cosmetics, in order to understand that you can adapt your routine by removing a few steps in an intentional way. As you read it, you'll have a couple of moments “aha moments”.

If you're already familiar with the basics of Korean cosmetics and want to make the most of your beauty purchases to improve your routine, this second book by MiiN contains all the expert advice that you and your skin need. It makes the perfect gift (or self-gift!) for every skin care lover — get your copy and discover everything it can do for your skin!

Much love and even more wisdom from our MiiN experts. That is the minimalist formula of this super book.
Lay back and read on, maybe even with your favourite face mask on (you'll find a short guide on how to find the perfect mask for your skin in chapter 2). Doesn't that sound amazing?

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Understanding the science behind your favourite cosmetics is key to creating a routine that works for your particular skin type and concerns. Our experts explain it perfectly in this book, written in a way that makes every page enjoyable.
We recommend reading before you go shopping, paying attention to the recommendations of our MiiN experts.