Oily skin

Constant shine, enlarged pores, oily texture.. Do they sound familiar? If the answer is yes, it's highly likely you have oily skin. Don't worry, we've been through it ourselves and we know first hand which products will work for you and which won't. Controlling excess oil production, reducing enlarged pores and preventing shine is our specialty! Forget what they say about creams making your skin oilier and causing breakouts. Our selection of products includes moisturisers for oily skin. They're different from anything you've tried before. A good double cleanse and adding a toner for oily skin into your routine will help restore your skin's pH. In this carefully curated selection, you'll also find sheet masks for oily skin with the benefits of ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea or centella asiatica. A serum for oily skin will give you the hydration your skin needs, whilea a moisturising cream will lock in the moisture so your skin doesn't lose oil and end up overcompensating by producing excess sebum. Follow these recommendations for oily skin, and enjoy shine-free and soft skin!

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